Three Girls Orchard Apple Juice (our juice is surprisingly yummy hurray!)

If only our three girls would all look the same direction for one photo, let alone an entire photoshoot! However they are the rather naughty and positively defiant inspiration for our little Yorkshire apple juice brand.  600 kilos of fruit from the orchard was heroically harvested by our good friend Geoff who spent a week picking amongst warbling pheasants, brooding hens and clucking builders :-).

(The famous Three Girls helped last year so I promised to put in some pictures of them):

The fruit was delivered to the lovely Joe at Yorkshire Wolds Juice and he worked his magic……
Milling the apples and hey Pressto….
Filling up the fine nectar!
Juice coming off the line….
Bottles pasteurising, capped and ready to go.
491 Bottles of Three Girls Orchard Apple Juice


Yummy!  So, what does Three Girls Orchard Juice taste like?  I think it tastes of Yorkshire.   It’s bold, it’s brassy, its sharp and honest and it’s full of taste :-).

Until next time…..  Kat xxxx




This one’s for the boys….

After several years of emasculation living with 6 females, Restoration Boy has gone to extremes and built himself a Man Cave Deluxe.  I mean, it has all the bling.  Three-quarters Yorkshire boarding, three tastefully rounded, roller-shuttered entrances, skylights, mid-grey concrete panelling, electricity, water, galvanised steel thingies…and everything.   Even RG has to admire its sheer scale and adaptability.  It even has room for RB’s broken-down forklift (or ten).

Farmageddon Shed Man Cave
Farmageddon Shed Man Cave Panoramic View

The shed apparition has been greeted by our neighbouring farmers with a thorough teeth-sucking and an “aye, ees spent a few bob” flicker in their eyes.  Thank goodness for agricultural government grants I say!  It’s already coming in darn useful for storing grain, children’s scooter races and sheltering from the Yorkshire weather.  Things are on the up at Farmageddon!


Until next time (when we raise the roof!)….

Kat xxxx