Restoration Girl’s Barn Beauties: The Dutch Barn

After ten years of [happy] marriage to Restoration Boy, Restoration Girl had forgotten how to simper.  But recently she’s stumbled upon some darn beautiful barn conversions which have provoked an involuntary, one could almost say – coquettish –  smile.

Why, I hear you ask, are you obsessed by Barns, RG?  Well, where else but in a barn can you create such dramatic living with such cosy, country features?  Where else can the imagination of architects and their clients take flight amongst the age-bleached rafters?   Where else can craftsmen of niche traditional trades get so much job satisfaction?  Where else can Restoration Girl waste this many hours on Pinterest?

The challenge with barns is how to feel like you’re living in warmth and light like a human being, on a human scale, with human conveniences in a building that was definitely not designed for human habitation.

Architect Joep van Os has manned up to that very challenge – let’s have a gander at his beautiful conversion in the Netherlands….. Continue reading