Gazooks – when will we have a roof!?

Restoration Girl is like a pig in muck (and muck there is aplenty).  Never has there been a better time to educate oneself in the finer points of pointing. Or to get the facts about lats. Or debate about rebates. Or get hardcore about, um, hardcore.


My how the time has flown! Five months in, how are we getting on?  How are we holding up? Well… at the risk of summoning the apparition of Sarah Beeny, we are so far ON TIME and ON BUDGET. Hooray!

Ok, so it all still looks like a magnificently well- appointed, deceptively spacious drugs den.  But I am starting to imagine living here :-):

Restoration Girl drugs den?
Drugs den?

So let’s check out the progress. Here’s the time lapse, laser display, high definition slow mo sequence coming atcha……



This is the view of the large granary towards the kitchen end….


I’ve always wanted a (sound insulated) room to slay some Debussy  in.   This is how the room was when we started (and now we’ve wrecked it!!):

A bit untidy but showing potential…

There’s lots more to see in my next post including dramatic footage for all you roofing fanatics out there. 🙂  Thanks for reading!

Until next time,

Kat xxxxx