And they’re off….!

RG is currently drinking a celebratory train beer on the way back from Yorkshire. “Official” building work has finally begun at Farmageddon.

There has, of course, been “unofficial” building work going on for a while but this has mostly involved RB hiring a digger to move large mounds of earth from one side of the farmyard, um, to the other. Although it was gratuitous fun for RB, we’ve now moved into a new phase of [arguably] forwards progress….. ♥



It’s been moving out day for some of the Farmageddon community. Our Polish builder “guardians “(four or five or ten of them) have moved out of the farmhouse and although it’s going to take a JCB to remove their impressive collection of empty Zywiec cans, they have been fabulous tenants. They’ve never called us to change a lightbulb. In fact, they even installed their own two-tonne biomass boiler when ours got nicked.   I shall miss them.

They have also left a legacy of rather potent-looking herbs in the greenhouse. The random caravan, three broken-down dishwashers, four old-school TVs, the comedy PolSat dish (I swear it receives from the Hubble), oil drum barbeque, some experimental taxidermy (scary) and innumerable battered leather sofas have also been evicted. Farmageddon is sadly less well-appointed now.

The lone Farmageddon bat is also moving out to his new luxury bat pad.   The owls and house martins have already taken offence at the all-pervasive smelly sock whiff in the farmhouse and have fled to the trees.   Now it’s just us……and four or five or ten builders. Dé jà vu


So here we are. Two years into the adventure and allegedly 15 months away from move-in date. Let’s take stock of what we’ve done so far….

  1. Moved some mounds of earth around
  2. Knocked down a load of sheds
  3. Dug up several hundred tonnes of concrete
  4. Built a man cave shed (impressive)
  5. Moved some mounds of earth around.
  6. Had twins
  7. Brought in two harvests
  8. Destroyed a neighbour’s barley field (escaped heifers – doh!!)
  9. Were the victims of a major scrap heist
  10. Hired an architect
  11. Sacked an architect
  12. Hired a new fantastic architect
  13. Hosted a christening and a caravan rave
  14. Scrounged repeatedly from DEFRA
  15. Moved some mounds of earth around
  16. Made some friends ♥

I’ll leave you with some photos of Farmageddon as she stands today.

Until next time…Kat xxx

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