Restoration Girl and The Nature Caper

Today I was up at the farm meeting the sparky. We were talking about home automation, hyper-connectivity, 4K, Internet of things, Lutron and a whole host of man-made control systems designed to conquer chaos……And as we walked through the barns I realised that in fact we were not (and probably would never be) quite in control of this wonderful, wild place.

In fact, what has struck me most about the farm is that Nature is in control of every moment of every day and we can never quite keep her at bay (and nor would we ever want to).


Let’s cut to the chase – basically, Restoration Girl has a problem with weed.

Specifically, a towering, tangled, stinging  morass of weeds that would shock Charlie Dimmock out of her bra.  Those swaying, gnarly, monster-plants have been known to drag grown adults into the undergrowth with their triffid-like tentacles.    Ok, so that was a little over the top.  But I got a nasty sting on my poor wittle toe.

But somehow, they are beautiful too.  When I am not being spiked and stung by the blighters just to get to the back door, I can appreciate the wild elegance and incredible resilience of these vibrant imposters.  


But to be [actually not really] poetic for a minute…..

Out of the demolition spoils, poppies were blooming, vivid reds piercing through the leaden skin of the slag.

Free-range hens were laying fresh eggs in the old tanning shed, content to brood amongst the broken rafters and discarded straw.

Abandoned farm kit had taken on new roles in new scenes.

The old kitchen garden had acquired a life of its own.

Wild kitchen garden

Scores of birds were nesting in our rotting joists, appreciating the stillness of abandonment.

House Martins in the joists


Nature is always in succession, taking a foothold, evolving and making the most of challenging environments.  Restoration Girl has a lot to learn from her in the coming months!

Until next time…. Kat xxxx

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