Can Industrial be Cosy? Restoration Girl on Belgian Style


This is the dream – to raise from the crumbling dusts of Farmageddon, a happy, welcoming, contemporary rustic space for our family and guests; the type of setting in which people feel deliciously warm and at home but still has a bit of industrial bite.  No-one does happy industrial better than the Belgians (and they do a right good pint too).


During an extraordinary year living and working in Antwerp, I got lucky.   I managed to blag an interview with Ann Demeulemeester and Axel Vervoordt, the pioneers of understated, modern Belgian style.  My head was turned by their mode of simple luxury; the warmth of blonde wood punctuated by the gentle brutality of dark steel, acres of timber, soft industrial lighting, curvaceous stone fireplaces, loose-covered linen sofas, steel windows, classical art, reclaimed objets and greige..….blisssss.

Belgium is a small country that punches well above its style weight…. Do you think this’ll go down alright in Yorkshire?


Friends, let’s gawp at some piccies…….Firstly the sitting room:

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Phase 1 has begun. Welcome to post-apocalypse Yorkshire…….

Restoration Girl| Demolition of Farm Buildings

In the spring, we began the full deconstruction of the concrete floors and some of the obsolete steel farm buildings. The last time I saw that many eager men gathered around a collection of impressive kit was on my hen-do.   There was every manner of bashing, crushing, hammering and wrecking challenges for our demolition friends and the destruction was TOTAL.

It’s now even harder to imagine this as a family home but- as they say- you have to break eggs to make an omelette. Or scrambled eggs.

The old steel farm buildings – real eyesores – they’re gone too. It’s inspiring to see some of the old stone elevations for the first time in probably decades. The floors are now out of the barns and ready for lovely new concrete beds.   The vast spoil tips can be seen from space, but Houston, we’ve now commenced our mission.

Restoration Girl| Spoil hill
Close up of Spoil hill and Daughter Number 1

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed watching “Armageddon”.

Until next time……. Kat xxx